5 Things Your Contractor Won’t Tell You When It Comes To Renovations

Merku is a trusted industry leader in affordable quality maintenance solutions. The process of renovating any establishment can be especially daunting in terms of time frames of delivery, budget constraints and operational efficiency of labour.

A contractor is meant to be a trusted individual that implements the specifications of the renovations accordingly. However, the implementation does not always go to plan. In order to avoid disappointments from your contractor or the overall renovation process, follow these guidelines when setting your expectations of renovating:

1. Manage time constraints

It should be important to note that expected plans do not always go accordingly. Be realistic and add an additional few weeks for an unexpected turn of events.

2. Know your contractors strong skill-sets

Although contractors are meant to have a combined skill-set, it is rare for one individual to possess carpentry, plumbing or interior design skills. Ask for your contractor’s license to verify their skill-sets and make your decision accordingly.

3. Contractors are not designers at heart

An aspect that most homeowners forget when renovating their home is the idea of a pristine finish. The contractor is there to execute the bulk tasks and create structural integrity.

4. Getting rid of debris and off-cut materials

In order for the renovations process to start having effect, the excess material and excess should have been removed from the site. Often the contractor will not remove the unwanted materials and the responsibility is left with the homeowner to get rid of the unnecessary waste materials.

5. Consider additional financing

Learn to adhere to the budget with your contractor, but consider an additional emergency fund for unforeseen contracting emergencies.

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